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What are the basic barbell exercise patterns?

Author: May

Mar. 16, 2023

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Tags: Sports & Entertainment

We all know a lot about the barbell, the barbell is a very common exercise equipment in life, and the barbell and many sports are related to the job, it can be said that the barbell has many uses, and if you want to use the barbell training, there are many ways, that barbell training five methods, I believe that many people are not clear. So, what are the five methods of barbell training? Here is a look at the methods of barbell training.


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Basic Barbell Movement Patterns

1. Standing Push-Up

When doing this movement, we first need to maintain a standing position, feet apart and your shoulder width, legs and back are straight, do not bend, and then place the barbell on your shoulders, this movement is mainly in the exercise of our shoulder muscle strength, so when you want to move up we do not need to help, using the power of the shoulders to drive the barbell upward pushing.
Whether you lift or put down, your back and legs always remember to straighten, do not bend, the whole use of shoulder muscle power. The weight of the barbell does not need to be too heavy, if you are just starting out, then you can remove the barbell piece and use the bar to complete the movement.

2. Barbell Single Arm Row

To do this movement you can kneel on a training bench or remain in a standing position with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, legs slightly bent, bend forward, place the barbell between your legs and complete the barbell rowing movement. If you have a training bench nearby, then you can kneel on the bench, lean forward and support your body with your hands to keep your body stable.
Then choose a suitable weight for yourself, to complete this training action. This action is mainly in the exercise of our back muscle strength, rowing to the peak of a slight pause, feel the squeezing of the back muscles, put down the speed slowed down, feel the force of the back muscles.

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3. Barbell Bench Press

Before doing this action, you need to find a long training bench, and then your body lying flat on your back on it, even if it is lying, our legs can not just wiggle, keep on the ground, can be appropriate force, the waist and back need to be close to the training bench.
After doing these preparatory actions, you need to choose a suitable weight of your barbell, the weight can be slowly added from small to large upwards, without greedy weight, so instead of achieving the best training effect. This action is mainly in the exercise of our chest muscle strength, feel the force of the chest muscles.
If you are just starting to do this training, you can choose a barbell bar, that is, without adding any barbell piece weight bar, to complete this training action.

4. Weighted Squat

When it comes to the squat we are not unfamiliar, the weighted squat is also, just add a proper weight to the squat to increase the difficulty of our squatting action, mainly to exercise our leg muscles and hip muscles more effectively.
If you think you can't support the weight, you can try to widen the distance between your legs and do a wide squat, which can be more explosive. The squat is as standard as possible, so the exercise will be more effective.

5. Barbell Curls

We mentioned here the curl is mainly to exercise our arm strength and do this curl action, you can finish this curl action on the priest bench, but also in a standing position in the way to complete this action, we are mainly talking about the barbell curl in a standing position.
First of all, you need to separate your legs, the same width as the shoulder position, straighten your back legs, after fixing the body, choose the right weight barbell, with your biceps muscle power to complete the curls.


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